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A “McMerit badge” like no other

One of the best-kept secrets at the Jamboree is the highly coveted McDonald’s merit badge. So far, we’ve only spotted one. No word yet on what you may need to give up when patch trading for this collector’s item.

Proof again that Jamboree participants know how to ham it up!

(Thanks to Kenyon O’Dell with Red Bird Flight Simulations for the fresh creativity.)




The Program Group staff apologizes for the various issues that have prevented many of you guys from being able to do your curriculum program activities, especially in the Aerial Sports areas.

Sunday was planned to be the one day off for our high adventure program staff.  On a voluntary basis, many of our staff have agreed to give up their day off and return to of the high adventure areas and run a make-up session for those of you whose curriculum opportunity was lost due to the rescheduling of our Saturday Celebration of Scouting Show.  All high adventure areas will open around 1:00 PM and close at 5:00 PM.  The only exception is the Ropes.  Our available staff from the Ropes will be assisting the staff at Canopy. The course in Action Point is the only canopy course open Sunday.

On Monday and Tuesday, all challenge course staff will be working at the Ropes – the challenge courses at Action Point will not be open – and curriculum tickets from Saturday afternoon will be honored.

Final note, the staff of the Trax and the Park on Thrasher Mountain welcome all of you who may not have gotten your assigned curriculum in any other venue to come and try out BMX, Skate and Disc Golf.  They have capacity and are eager to have you participate.

Thank you for your understanding of our challenges in this new jamboree model.

Russell Smart