Superheroes Protecting Scouts

super scouts

Summit Center – (Leaders Update) – Dr Wong (left), Jambo Man (center), and Sergeant Sunscreen (right) are paroling the 2013 National Jamboree using their superpowers for good not evil.

“We have scout powers” Garison Wong, Derek Sorensen, and Christian Campbell proudly proclaim, their necks decked with Mardi Gras beads. Sorensen sports a cape made from a red microfiber towel and held together with duct tape.

The trio from Mt. Diablo Silverado Council’s Troop A246 adopted the alter egos today and offered witty advice to passing scouts.

“Don’t fry, reapply” announces Campbell waving a large container of sunscreen. “They need to say hydrated” warns Sorensen.

Earlier Friday the trio was in search of popcorn and air conditioning when they got the attention of the BSA’s top executives. “Getting to meet the key three, it was a great privilege,” Sorensen says.
Girls are also among the admirers the trio has attracted, and they say now they are even considering adding a new member to increase what they call the “gender diversity” of the group.
Those with superpowers may apply.

Source: Live Interview