Jambo-Palooza is the Event!

What is the 13th Boy Scout Law?  Jambo-Palooza… at the Stadium!

Jambo-Palooza is the mega-event for Sunday, July 21st that will be a non-stop circus, county fair and rock show rolled into one!  Be part of largest Kazoo Band, Brand your Boots, listen to the WV 249th Band, participate in the world’s largest Pinewood Derby, play African Dejembe Drums, play Disc Golf, be a part of a Tug of War team.  But that’s not all as there is jetski racing, as well as Punt, Pass & Kick competition or play Human Chess.  Highlights include singing sensation Sarah Centeno, and the Class A Band.  The Order of the Arrow Indian Dancers will perform as well as the Buckskin Pioneers.

But the capstone event will be the attempt to break a Guinness World Record of Most People Keeping Beach Balls in the Air.  Show producers want about 25,000 Scouts to participate to set a lasting record. Get there early for good seating!

Point of Contact: Summit Center: AT&T Summit Stadium

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