Meet the Man (or Woman!) – 7/20/13

At “Meet the Man [or Woman!]” tent in Legacy Village meet Scouters with a Legacy!

Today Anthony “Tony” DiSalvo met with young scouters to tell his story. Tony has been to 18 Jamborees since 1937! The patches he’s collected and the experiences he has to share are enviable! You can still meet Tony over the next few days.

Tony DiSalvo 2

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 20, several members of the cast of Are you tougher than a Boy Scout are scheduled to meet scouts between 9:00 and 11:00 am.

Minute-to-minute updates re: special guests appearing can be found by texting: (732) 207-0996. You will receive a return text from the “Meet the Man” staff.

Have fun in Legacy Village!





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