Advice from an OA

Patrick Mapp, Section SR9, gives some advice on for the leaders at Jamboree.

After coming from helping unload for the scouts on their day of service, Mapp highly recommends the scouts and leaders to bring enough water for the day but also enlightens us about some of the patch trading going on in Jambo:

If you see some of your scouts, “help them get to out to some of the amazing activities, especially if they’ve only been focused on patch trading. Since you’re here, check out the amazing opportunities!” Mapp explains.

Check out OA headquarters in Action Point @ 1:00 PM to listen to Region Chief Mike Grey speak about being an OA.  Indian Dancers visit everyday, besides today at the headquarters at 4:00 PM. They also have a great exhibit with QR codes for your smartphone!

OA tent OAtentinside

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