Tuesday Openings/Closings

Game on!  Go Big and Get Wild at The Summit…

(Remember – Check back throughout the day for the latest information…  Areas will open or close depending upon weather conditions.)

Open Tuesday (subject to weather conditions)

Summit Center Exhibits 8a-4p

ATV (pre-assigned times continue)

Canopy (Action Point) 8a-4p (curriculum only)

Barrels & Bows 8a-4p

Hiking, Fishing & Conservation 8a-4p

Small Zip Line (Summit Center – Gateway) 8a-4p (some curriculum)

Skate (Action Point) 8a-4p

Mountain Bike (Action Point) 8a-4p

Pools 8a-4p

Scuba 8a-4p

Water Reality 8a-4p

Dragon Boats 8a-4p

Stand Up Paddle Board 8a-4p

Mariners Adventure 8a-4p

Kayaking 8a-4p

Hi Gear Mountain Biking (Delayed opening until 10am) 10a-4p

Low Gear Mountain Biking 8a-4p

Mountain Boarding @ The Trax 8a-4p (Beginner only in AM due to track conditions.)

BMX (Action Point) 8a-4p (Closed until dry this AM.)

BMX (Adventure Valley – Trax) 8a-4p

The Park 8a-4p

Disc Golf at The Mountain 8a-4p

Ropes (Adventure Valley) 8a-4p

The Rocks (Adventure Valley) 8a-4p

The Trax (Adventure Valley) 8a-4p

Garden Ground (Indian Village, Buckskin Games, Pioneering, Highland Games, Field Sports) 8a-4p

Conservation Trail 8a-4p

Technology Quest in The Cloud 8a-4p

Big Zip 8a-4p

Closed Tuesday:

Canopy (Adventure Valley)

Ropes / Challenge Course (Action Point)

Small Zip Line (Legacy)

HOWEVER: Canopy not available after 3 pm. And canopy checks in at basecamp A

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Openings/Closings

  1. Paul Wain

    Information was helpful in a written format, And was available to pass on to the Scouts at different times as they came into camp. Thank you!
    Paul Wain Troop C326


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