Japanese guests on Monday at 2:00 pm – 7/22/13

Scouts and Scouters, here’s your chance to MEET:

Hidekatsu Sato, International Commissioner of JCCS (Japanese Catholic Conference of Scouting) and associate member of the World Scout Organization, and his wife,

Junko Sato, Vice Chair person of the Program Committee, Tokyo Council Girl Scout of Japan,

Monday at 2:00 pm at the Summit!

Find them at the NCCS (National Catholic Commitee on Scouting) booth in Boulder Cove.

Fun note: their daughter works on the Summit staff at Sea Base!

Watch for the newly released patch for the “Keep the Lamp Burning” program in commemoration of 100 years of Scouting in the Catholic Church, and in conjunction with the Messengers of Peace international programs.

By purchasing the patch, contributions directly benefit recent Tsunami victims.

Japan hosts the World Scout Jamboree in 2015!

Welcome to our Jamboree international visitors and thanks to Raul Arrazcaeta, and the Jamboree VIP Staff for their service and leaders’ update information.



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