VirusTracker game @ Jambo 2013


If you haven’t already made it up to the Cloud, across from the skate park and past The Pools (up a large hill), made sure you do before the end of the jamboree! Despite the trek, it is totally worth it!

The Cloud is home to the programmer and mastermind of the Virus Tracker, Jim, a researcher at Virginia Tech VBI. If you haven’t been infected yet, have you seen these QR codes hanging around lanyards?


You can get your tag at the Cloud and have the ability to infect other people with your QR code. Even after the Jamboree, you can track the people you’ve infected with the tags online via

Similar programs have been used across the country, but this is the first time a program like this has used all three variables of time, transmission, and space(the location of the code).

If you are interested in infecting competitively, the VirusTracker program also tracks you position in the game by awarding 5 points for infecting someone and 10 points for inoculations.

Advantages to people who can play the game on their smartphone using the application, VIrusTracker. Follow the link @ available at the App Store and Google Play.

If not, head on up to the Cloud for updates and more information!


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