Game Design Merit Badge Scavenger Hunt Challenge

“The Great SBR 2013 Jamboree Scavenger Hunt Game”

The player must bring a complete and polished Scavenger Hunt game based on the area of the Summit Bechtel Reserve and the 2013 BSA National Jamboree to the Game Design merit badge tent (at Gateway) before the end of the Jamboree and have it judged acceptable by a merit badge staff member there. The criteria for judging is whether the game is complete and ready to be played by a regular participant at the Jamboree. Specific issues for evaluation include:

  • Is the game neat, legible, well written (no spelling errors) and easy to read?
  • Has the designer actually played his game and did he change it afterward?
  • Has the designer had others play it to see if it is ready to play? Any changes?
  • Does the game have clear and understandable rules?
  • How long does it take to play (not too long, not too short)?
  • Has the designer used a theme and how successful is its use?
  • Did the designer use creative thinking in making the design interesting and FUN?
  • Did everyone have fun in creating and playing his game?

Please put the designer’s name, Jambo troop, home council, and email address on the submitted game. A team of one or more scouts can enter a single game design; all team members must have participated in the design and testing of the game.

Please follow these rules to ensure the safety and enyoyment for all Jamboree participants, guests and staff.

  1. The Boy Scout Oath and Law must be followed in all things having to do with this game!
  2. All locations and items referenced in the designed games must be in available, public spaces. Particularly, no bath houses, tent interiors, administrative and back offices, no staff management areas, kitchens, and so forth may be used as locations.
  3. All locations must be able to be accessed safely. No tasks may be required which cannot be done safely.
  4. Please do not task any player to do anything that will cause a traffic problem or mob scene (including onlookers).

Any number can win at this game! The Game Design merit badge team hopes to be able to share the best of these designs after Jamboree.

Please visit the Game Design merit badge tent at Gateway or contact Tom Miller at (714) 746-5235.

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