Laundry for Jamboree Staff

Granny’s Laundry Service will take 2013 Jamboree staff laundry from 5:30AM to 10:30AM daily beginning Monday, July 15, 2013 through Tuesday, July 22, 2013, returning it folded the next evening from 5:30PM to10:30PM.  The last day to turn-in laundry is Tuesday, July 22.

Granny’s is located in Echo 3 in the big yellow and white circus tents across the road from the Echo Housing Area Medical Facilities, east of the Echo Lake bridge.

Tickets may be purchased for $10 per load (as soon as tickets are available) from the Chat & Chew retail food facility just west of the Echo Lake bridge.  A ‘load’ is defined as one approximately 20″ by 30″ laundry bag.

Laundry bags may be turned in at the Granny’s office tent where you will be given a ticket stub as a claim check.

Please put your name and your address or cell phone number on the back of your ticket for identification purposes.

Keep in mind that all laundry in a bag will be washed in one load, so you might want to use separate bags for colors and whites to avoid pastel underwear!  Extra laundry bags will be available for sale at Granny’s for $2 each, as long as supplies last.  If staff members would like to combine their clothing to be cleaned, that is fine just as long as it does not exceed the per load capacity.  POC: 208-283-5132, Doug Burtch



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