ARDF and Fox Hunting

ARDF and Fox hunting are two sides of the same hobby. ARDF is a high speed, timed fox hunt with an emphasis on orienteering skills using radios and a compass. Fox hunting is the finding of a hidden transmitter maybe in the woods maybe in the city, but in our case somewhere in Summit Center.

We’ve combined both into an exciting mash-up where Scouts can find one or up to fine hidden transmitters in a timed event or a relaxing walk in Summit Center whichever floats their boat.

This event originates at the K2BSA station, patrols (teams) of Scouts, adults, Venturers will have up to 30 minutes to find just one or as many hidden transmitters as they would like. A picture of the team will be taken and posted on the K2BSA Facebook page. Team members are then encouraged to add comments and stories about their hunt, and their score.


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